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The Howard University & PNC National Center for Entrepreneurship announces the 

Academic Year 2022-2023 Faculty Fellowship Program, which provides HBCU faculty members the opportunity to contribute to the Center’s mission of empowering Black entrepreneurship, including through research and scholarship. This fellowship supports faculty to conduct research, produce books, monographs, peer-reviewed articles, e-books, digital materials, and other content which advances knowledge related to Black entrepreneurship. During their fellowship, each faculty fellow works on a specific research project and is required to present their project at the Center’s annual conference in June. Fellows are awarded a $10,000 stipend. 

Fellowship Description

This fellowship requests applications from faculty of any discipline at Historically Black Colleges & Universities. The impact of the proposed project should specifically advance scholarship and knowledge relevant to the growth of Black entrepreneurship. Projects may be at any stage of development.


Projects that could be proposed include, but are not limited to:

  • Research which provides insight into the issues, challenges, and barriers facing Black entrepreneurs

  • Research which highlights best practices for advancing opportunity for Black entrepreneurs 

  • Research which studies ecosystem building for Black entrepreneurs

  • Case studies, books, article series, and/or multimedia content which feature Black entrepreneurs as protagonists

  • Research which investigates entrepreneurship education at HBCUs and considers best practices 

  • Research which considers the financing and funding of Black-owned businesses

Schedule for Proposal Submissions and Review

January 12, 2023: Faculty Fellowship Call for Proposals Announcement  
February 28, 2023: Submission of Proposals Due
March 17, 2023: Center notifies fellowship award recipients

 Guidelines for Application Submission

The following should be prepared as a part of the fellowship application: 

  • A project proposal not exceeding four typed double-spaced pages detailing the scope of work for the research project

  • A recent CV/resume


Proposal Structure

The proposal (limited to four pages) shall contain three main sections as set forth below:

  1. Introduction

    • Statement of the problem and research question(s) to be addressed

    • Major objectives of the research project

    • Significance of the project in relation to the current state of knowledge.

  2. Research Design and Methodology

    • Research methodology, including hypotheses to be tested (if applicable)

    • Data and sources, collection, and analysis

  3. Timeline of project activities and expected date of completion of project

NOTE: Fellowship award decisions will solely be made by the National Center for Entrepreneurship team, not by PNC Foundation, PNC Bank or its affiliates. 

For any questions, comments or concerns, please email Associate and Regional Director, Dr. Johnny Graham,

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