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Entrepreneurship Education Innovation Grant

The Howard University & PNC National Center for Entrepreneurship announces the 

Academic Year 2022-23 Entrepreneurship Education Innovation Grant Program to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in developing entrepreneurship opportunities through their institutions. Funding from this grant can be used for the creation and growth of entrepreneurship courses, centers, programs, workshops, and other relevant initiatives which benefit students, faculty, staff, alumni, and/or the greater community. Grant funding for each award recipient can range from $5,000 to $25,000. A representative for each grant award recipient is required to be present at the Center’s National Conference in June. 

Grant Description

This grant requests applications from Historically Black Colleges & Universities for proposals to develop and implement programs that provide opportunity to Black entrepreneurs. The impact of the proposed project should specifically benefit the education and training of students, faculty,staff, and/or local Black entrepreneurs. The proposal must align with the Center’s overall strategic mission, goals, and deliverables.

Projects that could be funded include, but are not limited to:

  • The creation or growth of centers or offices for entrepreneurship

  • Curriculum, courses and seminars designed to accelerate the development of student-run enterprises

  • Programs and workshops which help launch and grow Black-owned businesses in the local community

  • Programs, courses, and workshops which provide undergraduate and graduate students hands-on experience in working with African-American businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Seminars designed to accelerate the development of faculty run enterprises or the training of faculty in entrepreneurial education and learning

  • Partnerships which provide access to technologies that can increase the success of Black-owned businesses 

  • Research initiatives which advances knowledge related to Black entrepreneurship

Impact of the Proposed Project

In evaluating the potential relevance and effectiveness of the proposed project, applicants should consider:

  • The quality of the proposed programming and its alignment to the needs of HBCU students and Black entrepreneurs

  • The quality and feasibility of the project implementation timeline

  • The breadth and quality of the applicant’s strategic partners and alliances to support an entrepreneurial ecosystem 

  • The quantifiable results of the project included metrics such as the number of students impacted, the number of courses or curricula developed, the number of Black-owned businesses impacted, the number of new businesses created and/or the number of new businesses with new banking relationships

Proposal Guidelines

The project proposal application will require the following details: 


  • A summary of the proposed project implementation, goals, objectives, and outcomes

  • A record of current entrepreneurial programming at the college/university

  • A statement of the problem being addressed and need for funding

  • The competencies, experience, and skill sets of the project lead, team, and/or strategic partners

  • The metrics on which project impact will be evaluated and proposed measurement plan

  • The proposed spending of the requested funding

  • A timeline for implementation and spending

Schedule for Proposal Submissions and Review

January 3, 2023: Call for Proposals Announcement     

February 28, 2023: Submission of Proposal Application Due (Extended Deadline)

March 17, 2023: Center notifies grant award recipients

NOTE: Funding for this award is reimbursable, meaning that colleges/university recipients will spend down the balance of the award amount, and be reimbursed for their spending by Howard University. All funding will be awarded directly to the college/university not to individual departments, offices, or centers. It is the responsibility of the college/university to distribute or assign grant funding to the appropriate department, office, or center.  


NOTE: Grant award decisions will solely be made by the National Center for Entrepreneurship team, not by PNC Foundation, PNC Bank or its affiliates. 

For any questions, please Associate & Regional Director, Dr. Johnny Graham, RE: Entrepreneurship Education Innovation Fund Proposal Application

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